mscullin4Honorary Consul: Michael Scullin

Michael Scullin is the Honorary Consul of France in Philadelphia and Wilmington. His credentials were accepted by the United States Department of State in December of 2005. Mr. Scullin is also Counsel to the law firm of McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney, & Carpenter, LLP.


The Consular Agency of France in Philadelphia and Wilmington is part of the circumscription of the Consulate General of France in Washington.

Role of Honorary Consuls

Honorary Consuls of France are either French citizens or citizens of the host country who are nominated by the French “Ministère des Affaires Etrangères” and delegated by the Consul General of the circumscriptions to which they belong. They are not diplomats by training and are not paid. They are, however, officially accredited by the host country and enjoy privileges and immunities as defined by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations dated 24 April 1963.

The Honorary Consuls perform certain administrative functions; protect their constituent inhabitants and travelers; facilitate visits by political representatives and business leaders, and promote trade, investment and the arts. Services that are not performed in Philadelphia, and for which it is necessary go through the Consulate General in Washington, include visas, passports, French national identity cards, consular notarial services and obtaining French nationality.